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Newxplorer.com is the premier boutique luxury travel company specializing in travel to Sri Lanka. Our expert staff are dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind travel experiences that are certain to surpass your expectations. Our Xplore line of journeys includes beaches, wildlife, bird watching and biodiversity, and ancient kingdoms. Our flexible model allows us to customize your journey to meet your expectations and budget. We are committed to making your Sri Lankan luxury holiday a journey of a lifetime!



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TripAdvisor places Sri Lanka as #6 on list of "Must See Islands".


TRAVEL+ LEISURE : magazine names Sri Lanka as number 1 in its "Hottest Travel Destinations of 2012"

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National Geographic Traveler National Geographic Traveler magazine places Sri Lanka on its "Best of the World 2012".

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Ancient Kingdoms: Take a trip back in time on your Sri Lanka holiday. The island’s fascinating history will captivate as you tour centuries-old ruins, many designated UN World Heritage Sites, with our Xplore Ancient Kingdoms package priced per your custom requirements.   Beaches: Unwind on white sand beaches, dip your toes in the sapphire waters of the Indian Ocean, and enjoy snorkeling and surfing along the island’s resplendent beaches. Experience the ultimate in luxury and leisure on your Sri Lanka travels with our Xplore Beaches package.   Wildlife: Get a front row seat to nature’s best show on your travel in Sri Lanka. Observe the world’s largest mammals, the elephant and the blue whale, and a host of other wild inhabitants of the island with our Xplore Wildlife package.   Birding & Biodiversity: A Sri Lanka vacation is your passport to a bird watcher’s paradise! Xplore 33 endemic bird species out of over 490 birds as you explore national parks, biosphere hot spots, and cultural sites with our Xplore Birding and Biodiversity package.  
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Sri Lanka Travel

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Sri Lanka - Wonderful Experiences

Renowned for the 13th-century explorations of Marco Polo, arguably the world’s first adventure traveler, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean is now being discovered—and embraced—by modern travelers. Sri Lanka’s wealth of attractions indulge a variety of interests and travel preferences. The island boasts nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including a Dutch fort, three biosphere reserves, and ruins from five cliff-top citadels of ancient 2,500-year-old kingdoms. Pristine stretches of sandy white beaches kiss the azure waters of the Indian Ocean under glowing orange sunsets. Fascinating wildlife—leopards, more than 400 bird species, and ...

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Sri Lanka Travel Event

Kandy EsalaPerahera

Kandy Esala Perahera in Sri Lanka

Since 300 AD in Sri Lanka, this culturally significant festival has been celebrated on the full moon day in the Buddhist month of Esala. This occasion is equally popular among Buddhists and Hindus in Sri Lanka where the festival is connected to invoking the gods to bless the farmers with rain to cultivate their crops, good health and fertility. Kandy Esala Perahera

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The Armstrongs, Peter and Margaret in Sri Lanka. Photo, Courtesy of
P. Armstrong.

"We had a marvelous trip to Sri Lanka. It proved to be a birder’s triumph, with good to superb looks at all 37 of the Sri Lankan endemic birds and good looks at many of the south-India/Sri Lankan endemics. I counted 111 life birds and a list of 223 bird species. Our bird guide, Dhammitra, was supremely talented - hard-working, tenacious, supremely knowledgeable, and companionable. My final impression of Sri Lanka is that it is a premier destination for eco-tourism. I give this trip to Sri Lanka the highest positive marks; it was a marvelous trip.

Thank you again for everything!"


Professor Peter B. Armstrong
Dept. of Molecular & Cellular Biology
University of California at Davis
Private Sri Lanka Birding Tour
Jan 26 – Feb 8, 2012

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